Anna Seitzberg

BFA, Senior Interior Designer, Tillberg Design of Sweden

Being the daughter of an artist and an engineer, it only came natural that I became an
Interior Designer. After living and studying in San Francisco, California, for four years, I
received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from Academy of Art University.
Another four years in London UK followed, where I joined hospitality firm HBA-Hirsch
Bedner Associates and built the foundation of my hospitality experience, working with hotel
brands such as Sheraton, Westin, Hilton, Marriott, Swissotel and Radisson SAS in several
different countries.

Returning to my native Sweden, I joined TDoS-Tillberg Design. Today I am senior hospitality
designer responsible for the hotel market and have gathered a total of 25 years of work

As interior designers, we are ultimately required to design for our clients and have an
approach that is flexible and responsive. Our design has to be tailored to several key issues
such as branding, financial and sustainability points of view, all of which need to be
addressed together with not only the client, but also with the architect, builder and the
other sub-contractors. Good co-operation is key.

To me, great design realises the potential of any space. As a designer, I have a strong
understanding of how interiors come together, from the architecture of a space to the
lighting, furniture and soft furnishings. I love the first space planning phase, building the
rooms within the outer shell, finding the right proportions, sight lines and correlation
between rooms. Colour palettes, material choices and finishes are all equally important to
create one cohesive look that will be both balanced and exciting together with the lighting,
with is absolutely essential to any space. Lastly, follow up is crucial to ensure the final result
and to be able to present a successful project to the client.