4 Design Days

27-30 January 2022

Władysław Grochowski

Władysław Grochowski



Wladyslaw Grochowski The CEO of Arche S.A., company that specializes in hospitality industry and development. Film School graduate, natural born optimist that loves people and the world that surrounds him. Succesively creates a hotel collection mainly from those situated in historic buildings. For each one of them he has a unique idea. Merging old elements with modern results in giving the place a new life and value. He wants to make a meaning out of what he is doing and to take pleasure from it. He takes up challenging projects by which gives him a lot of strength, but also teaches humility. He says that he is very fortunate to be this lucky. In his private and business life he lets trust lead him and his motto is: we merge contradictions, trust everyone and change ourselves. With his wife Lena he created Lena Grochowska Foundation that helps Polish people who were deported behind the eastern border return to motherland. As time went by the foundation expanded and revolves around culture, art and tradition. Nowadays it mainly aims in helping people that are mentally disabled. Winner of many awards and honors both individually and for the work of Arche S.A.