4 Design Days

27-30 January 2022

Robert Majkut

Robert Majkut

CEO, Head of Design

Robert Majkut Design

RMD’s CEO and Creative Director; considered a visionary interior designer and valued for creating original, narrated and often ground-breaking projects. Robert is known for his appreciation of high quality, sense of colour, intelligent use of space, soft and free-forms and his attention to detail.

He studied architecture, art and culture; his interests, which include civilisation transformations, revolutions in art, anthropology of cultures and modern technologies, are consistently and successfully utilised in his work.

Robert is also a lecturer, keynote speaker, contest judge and co-founder of the world renowned and unique piano producing brand – Whaletone. His work has often been distinguished by such accolades as the British Council’s „Rising Star” Award, a nomination to the Elle Style Awards in the „Good Design” category and multiple European Property Awards.

He is often cited in industry and business media, invited as a guest and expert to television and radio programs and his projects and statements can be found in hundreds of articles, magazines and publishing houses around the world.

Designed for such brands like Multikino, Open Finance, Noble Bank, Alior Bank, PKO Bank Polski, Time Trend, Boutique Moliera 2 dla Valentino i Salvatore Ferragamo, Wabu – Sushi & Japanese Tapas , Grupa Profbud, Orange Sky Golden Harvest, Kolosej, Kronverk Cinema, Imax Enka i Mori Cinema, Penta Investments, Dr Irena Eris, RBL