Marcin Nowak

Marcin is an innovator - he runs and supports development programs contributing to increasing financial efficiency, development and optimization of organizations as well as improving the quality of industrialization of provided services.

As Chairman of the ABSL Management Board, he actively participates in activities, development and transformation of ABSL in Poland, as well as in CEE Region. Given the current business, economic and political climate, it is within this sector that Poland achieves the position of a global leader while building an innovative environment, also becoming the leading source of jobs in the private sector.

Marcin has over 20 years of experience at many levels of management in engineering, outsourcing and bio-pharmaceutical companies, working in international environment on the top-level management positions and company boards’ level. He started his professional career at the German headquartered company Hochst AG, developing organization in all areas of its activity, including effective transitions into subsequent structures in merged brands of Dade Behring and Siemens Medical, operating widely accross Polish and Russian markets.

In the next stage, Marcin supported the management of ITO outsourcing centers in Capgemini, located in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to well-known Polish office locations in Krakow, Katowice, Opole, he also supported the location strategy process and development of Capgemini outsourcing centers in Romania, Brazil, Morocco and China. At the same time, he was responsible for running one of the Global Service Line (Distributed Smart Services), which are part of the service implementation chain based on a global network of external on-site services providers.

Marcin is graduated from Technical University - AGH in Krakow, the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Electronics, and graduated from the MBA University of Quebec at SGH in Warsaw.