The Faculty of Glass and Ceramic consists of 4 departments training students in the design of glass and ceramic, reconstruction and restoration of glass and ceramic as well as use of these materials in art.

During the 4th edition of 4 Design Days in Katowice we will present the exhibition titled “In Harmony” displaying the effects of research conducted by academics, students and Ph.D. students.

By designing in harmony with the surrounding, we learn the needs and relate to the experience of the user, thus blending the practical with the aesthetic. We work in harmony with nature and promote the use of renewable and recyclable resources. We care for the environment and implement the idea of the circular economy. 

Our basic materials are the natural glass and ceramic. The force of fire and its primordial nature make both the glass and ceramic change their state, turning them into durable and beautiful materials.

We create products and items conceived by and sourced from nature.