Attractions for Open Days

The Open Days will also feature inspiring panels, interesting talks and meetings with authors.

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A one-of-a-kind trade show

A feast of handicraft, unusual design and talented artists. The goal of the event is to promote talented creators, artists with heads full of out-of-the-box ideas and creative artisans who have forged their passion and talent into a way of life. Why is it worth it? Meetings with artists are an excellent opportunity to hear their exceptional, inspiring stories and let yourself be awed by the unique fruits of their labour. The trade show will treat you to stunning ceramics, jewellery, foodstuffs, fashion, cosmetics and even hand-made daily use products at every step. There is something here for everyone, always of top quality and simply – one of a kind!

C-Art Days

A true art festival and a meeting venue for graphic artists from all over Poland as well as, and above all, their audiences. It is an opportunity not only to express yourself but also hold endless discussions about the creative process and inspiring artworks. The idea behind C-Art Days is not just to create a platform for lesser-known artists who are just starting out on their creative path, but also a space for an unfettered debate on the role of art in our lives. It is a chance, both for artists and audiences, to see the world from a slightly different angle. weighs in. Website editors invite you to a series of consultations with architects and interior designers.

Dreaming of a house or a summer retreat? Perhaps you’re not sure which house to pick? Get your question list ready and come to the Dobrze Mieszkaj zone at the 4 Design Days: our architects will share their tips on how to make your dream home a reality and what solutions to bet on. Are you furnishing your apartment? Or maybe you just need a change and don’t know where to start? Write down your questions, pack up the layout of your house or apartment and drop by the Dobrze Mieszkaj zone at the 4 Design Days: our designers will tell you how to furnish it, how to pick the right colours and furniture, how to enlarge a small kitchen or make over an impractical bathroom.


Just like every year, 4 Design Days has also prepared many attractions for kids. Workshops, contests and attractions will provide a nice pastime for the weekend and might even awaken a passion for architecture...

Green zone at 4 Design Days and a plant swap point: Flower for Flower

During its Open Days, the 4 Design Days will organise a plant swap point (Flower for Flower). You can bring your pot plants and swap them for others. If you have a plant you can no longer take care of, you can also give it up for adoption so it can find a new home. It is also an opportunity to walk away from a consumerist lifestyle. Why buy a plant if you can get one in a swap?

Meet your idols at 4 Design Days!

Workshops and lectures by celebrities and youtubers. Three stages and a special workshop zone.

Good Design 2023 exhibition

The semi-finalists and finalists of Good Design 2023 will get a chance to showcase their products. Meet the rising icons of Polish design, artists who have high quality, product longevity and sustainable growth written into their business DNA.

Cities – are we headed in the right direction?

An exhibition presenting the winning photograph and other top selected works submitted to a photo contest devoted to images of urban space and architecture.