It was an important edition of 4 Design Days! Thank you for being with us!

14.5 thousand visitors; the best architects and designers from Poland and abroad, the largest investors, developers, renowned producers, municipal authorities and respected pundits; 75 topical discussions on 7 stages – such was the scale of 4 Design Days 2023. Thank you for spending with us the four days in the International Congress Centre. It was an opportunity to discuss the role of architecture and design in the changing world, the future of the property market, sustainable urban and business development, as well as the future reconstruction of Ukraine. Interesting guests, a perfect venue and a good reason for a meeting are the essential ingredients of a successful event. And we proved it for the seventh time!

On 26-29 January, the International Congress Centre set the stage for discussions about architecture, design, real estate, development of cities, and sustainable design. Many inspiring opinions and conclusions were formed that will remains with us for a very long time.
We talked about the role that modern architecture and design need to play, if we want to secure a better future for posterity. How can design and architecture preserve the world for our children? Conclusions? The session “Time for reflection – are we heading in the right direction?” concluded that architecture can be damaged both by commercialization and uncontrolled social participation. Although the latter is positive, it needs to be supervised. A lack of supervision would result in buildings that are unfit for their purpose, harming the city and the environment alike.

We also considered the challenge of creating durable products. The invited guests insisted that designers are supposed to create products that will become an important part of their owners’ lives. At the same time they underlined that it can only be achieved by means of timeless design.

We listened to the opinions of renowned Ukrainian architects and representatives of Ukraine’s professional associations. The entire world is looking at Ukraine. We decided to look into its future and think what a plan for its reconstruction should look like, hoping it will take place rather sooner than later.

Some bosses of design offices in Ukraine have gone to the front line. Before that they did everything they could to make sure their offices operate without interruptions, at least to the extent allowed by bombing and missile strikes. Despite all that, they continue to develop plans for Ukraine’s post-war architecture.

Every year, 4 Design Days provides a platform for discussions about sustainable design and architecture. The speakers campaigned against greenwashing, a phenomenon prevalent in commercials, debates, and promises made by-decision makers in the context of tackling climate change. The life cycle of some “eco-friendly” solutions is sometimes energy-intensive and impossible to process.

Presented were magnificent buildings developed by excellent architects in cooperation with bold developers and investors, as well as unique products by renowned designers and manufacturers. In total, over 320 speakers discussed a variety of subjects on 7 different stages.

4 Design Days appreciates good architecture and unique design. The following award galas took place during the event:
Property Design Awards 2023
Good Design 2023

4 Design Days is much more than several dozen discussions, presentations and meetings characteristic of the business days. Equally rich is the agenda of the open days including workshops, exhibitions, meetings with inspiring people, discussions with TV and Internet personalities, and activities for kids, as they will create the world around us. All that next weekend.

Using this opportunity, we would like to invite you to the 8th edition of 4 Design Days scheduled for 25-28 January 2024 in the International Congress Centre in Katowice!

Małgorzata Burzec-Lewandowska, Robert Posytek, authors of the agenda of 4 Design Days