Business days 27-28.01.2022
Open days 29-30.01.2022


Polish C®aft Renaissance

27 January 2022 • 09:30 -11:30 • Black stage (Auditorium Hall)

Session translated simultaneously EN / PL

Online broadcast session

Not for a moment, but for generations. The renaissance of craft signifies a shift towards the sustainable development of humanity – it is worth nurturing. Mass-made, cheap products versus crafts – let’s choose durability over low quality. Craft has a price and requires a lot of effort, but it pays back to us, future generations, and the planet. Craft 2.0 – a notion gaining on popularity, but in need of support – where to find it? How to create a business founded on craft? From local to global brands – how to successfully promote Polish craft? From ceramics to furniture making – what is our speciality? Aesthetics of functionality – what does the consumer want?





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