Business days 27-28.01.2022
Open days 29-30.01.2022


We take care of the safety of participants of 4 DESIGN DAYS. It remains our priority to maintain highest quality and follow the latest safety guidelines. With participants’ comfort and safety in mind as well as wishing to host the event in a safe environment, we have implemented a set of rules.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions imposed in order to counteract it, participation in 4 Design Days is restricted to persons who meet one of the below criteria:

  • have been vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine that is authorised for marketing in the European Union, i.e. have taken the required number of doses of the vaccine at least 14 days prior to the event and present an EU Digital Covid Certificate in electronic or paper form or a certificate recognized as equivalent to the UCC (issued by a third country - outside the European Union) at the entrance to the event;
  • have a status of a convalescent having recovered from COVID-19 max. during the last 6 months and produce a document confirming this status at the entrance, e.g. an EU Digital Covid Certificate;
  • have tested negative for COVID-19 (applies to each day of the event). Test is valid max. 48h from the moment of taking it. Negative test result must be presented at the entrance to the event (paper or electronic version with a negative test score).
    On 27-30 January 2022, during 4 Design Days, in front of the entrance from ul. Olimpijska, it will be possible to test for COVID 19. The tests are performed by the LAB-MED Medical Laboratory entered into the Government Register of COVID * laboratories, with the use of Abbott's professional Panbio ™ tests (painless, plaque nasal swab). Receipt of the result within 30 minutes of taking the swab, in the form of a QR code available in the mobile application - "mObywat" or in the form of a printout of the result collected in person on the spot. Participants of the Event must submit a completed referral for (download) before the examination.
    The cost of the examination is PLN 40 gross **
    ** the price applies only to event participants and its attractive value was achieved thanks to a partial refund by the Event Organizer ”.

The full version of safety rules concerning SARS-CoV-2 infections is available at:

The guidelines are the product of Principles for Counteracting SARS-CoV-2 at Events Organised by Polskie Towarzystwo Wspierania Przedsiębiorczości S.A. They are in accordance with current laws and recommendations of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Ministry of Development and the Chief Sanitary Inspector as of 17 December, 2021. The guidelines regulate the activity allowed by applicable laws and might be amended in order to comply with changes in laws and recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

All amendments will be announced in established form: electronically on the website of the event or in form of announcements. Polskie Towarzystwo Wspierania Przedsiębiorczości S.A. reserves its right to impose stricter safety rules or to relax the current ones depending on the situation.