Business days 27-28.01.2022
Open days 29-30.01.2022

Property Forum Silesia

The regional edition of the largest conference on property in Poland. This time we will focus on the region where the event will take place, i.e. Silesia.

Recent years have seen a great metamorphosis of Upper Silesia which used to be perceived as a grey, post-industrial place on the map of Poland. Today, this region is chosen by the largest international investors and major players in the property market. What role do commercial investments play in the development of Silesia? How to strengthen the competitive advantages of the region and what investments do Silesian cities need to attract international business?

The Regional Property Forum conference is a unique opportunity to establish business contacts with key representatives of the industry. The participants of the meeting will include: representatives of local authorities; owners and managers of companies investing in the market of office buildings, warehouses and hotels; lessees of commercial space; representatives of hotel chains; heads of the largest consulting agencies; representatives of the institutional environment of the industry; and representatives of financial institutions.