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Pete Kercher

Pete Kercher


Design for All Europe

Graduated in law from Southampton University, then spent a period in international youth politics (Vice-President, European Federation of Liberal and Radical Youth, 1975-77).Mmoving to Italy in 1978, he established a communications and design consulting agency in Italy in 1978 (now KSDC). Executive Officer of BEDA, in 1988-94, he represented Italy on its Board of Directors until 2002. A founder member of EIDD – Design for All Europe ( in 1993 (President in 2003-7) and of its national counterpart Design for All Italy ( in 1994, he has served as EIDD’s roving Ambassador since 2007.

Applying design methods to the strategic challenges generated by today’s complex and continuously changing society to trigger interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation and synergy, he has written articles and manifestos for political, legal and design publications, chaired and addressed conferences, seminars and symposia all over the world and acted as consultant to many international projects.

Participates in the sessions:

The new European Bauhaus. Let's talk about how to build without a carbon footprint