Business days 27-28.01.2022
Open days 29-30.01.2022

Exhibition Of Works By Students And Graduates Of The Art School Complex In Katowice From The Years 2019-2021

The exhibition presents e.g. awarded and prizewinning thesis by students of Art School Complex in Katowice. The variety of subjects involved in the design process, analysis of the design problems, and aesthetics resulted in interesting products being created. All works present an individualistic approach to subjects. The exhibition contains realisations representing the following fields: Printing Techniques, Intermedia Realisations and Patterns Design - Jewellery. The entire exhibition gives a comprehensive overview of young designers’ achievements. Our aim is to go beyond traditional abilities and artisanal methods, examine current professional achievements and note what is going on in other fields of arts.

The Art School Complex in Katowice has existed for 75 years. It is one of the oldest art schools in Silesia and constitutes an important part of its cultural environment. Currently, there are ca. 300 students who are taught: jewellery, printing techniques, sculpture techniques and intermedia realisations.

author: Julia Gąsiorauthor: Julia Gąsior

author: Martyna Gniadoauthor: Martyna Gniado

author: Wiktoria Łukaszewska

author: Wiktoria Łukaszewska


Principal: Edward Josefowski, MA

Deputy principal: M.A. Joanna Nowrot