Business days 27-28.01.2022
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Tomasz Matejczyk

Tomasz Matejczyk



A good design promoter, an enthusiast of “invisible quality”. Long-time Quality Manager in Fiat group. Co-owner and co-founder of Nobonobo brand, awarded, among others, for engaging design in furniture business development, both in Poland and abroad. He is also successful as a designer – his new project - MUST chair, has qualified for the final of Dobry Wzór 2022 contest.

Nobonobo is a polish brand with a headquarter located in Łodygowice. From the very beginning, the company’s business is focused on upholstered furniture production, mainly on sofas. First and foremost, Nobonobo is a high-quality craft and excellent design. The brand has been repeatedly rewarded and recognized in competitions like German Design Award, Archiproducts Design Awards, Dobry Wzór, Diamenty Meblarstwa, Must Have, Design Alive Awards, Design dla Konesera, Diament Forbesa.


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