Piotr Lorens

Piotr Lorens

Town Planner of Gdańsk municipality, Head of the Department of Urban Design and Regional Planning, Faculty of Architecture, Gdańsk University of Technology

Prof. Piotr Lorens - Ph.D., DSc., urban planner. Gdańsk City Architect; Head of the Department of Urban Design and Regional Planning at the Faculty of Architecture, Gdansk University of Technology. Completed post-graduate studies (as Fulbright Fellow) at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His professional interests include urban planning and regeneration processes, with a special focus on waterfront areas and public spaces. Active as a guest lecturer and visiting professor at numerous universities as well as conducting professional career with a focus on planning and management of the urban regeneration projects. For many years involved in planning for the regeneration of the Young City in Gdansk - the large-scale urban project located on the site of the former Gdansk shipyard. Associated with the Polish Academy of Sciences, ICOMOS, TICCIH, ISOCARP, and Society of Polish Town Planners.

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