Aleksandra Adryańska-Krząkała

Aleksandra Adryańska-Krząkała

Architect, Co-owner, Plac Grunwaldzki Foundation

Architect, urban planner, graduate of Architectural and Urban Conservation Postgraduate Studies. She continued her education at, among others, Paris' l'École du Louvre. She has been involved in urban space for over twenty years; working on urban revitalization and residential neighborhoods such as the sub-par Paris neighborhood of La Courneuve, the Seine Arche project - extension of the historic Paris/Triumphal Arc axis - Paris La Defence. She spent more than a decade working on the design of Toulouse's first certified eco-district, L'écoquartier Andromède. She has worked in Europe, Africa, and Asia (the Saint-Louis project in Senegal, the revitalization of Diyarbakir the informal capital of Turkish Kurdistan). She carried out the project of a district on the border of Tours and La Riche on floodplains. In addition to urban planning, also involved in residential and commercial construction (e.g. design of offices for the European Space Agency in Paris). She is a member of the French and Polish Chambers of Architects, the international organization "Architects Without Borders". In the foundation, she is involved in the local community. She works to increase architectural awareness and knowledge of urban planning principles among children and young people. She believes that sensitivity to beauty and historical heritage should be formed from an early age.

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