WELL ART x 4 Design Days

25-28 January 2024

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WELL ART x 4 Design Days is a new project and idea for an exceptional art gallery that will open specifically for 4 DESIGN DAYS. During the event, the International Congress Centre space will host the most interesting works of art from renowned galleries and art institutions in Poland.

WELL ART x 4 Design Days is not just a one-off exhibition to present major artists, but also a space of encounter, conversation, inspiration and even investment. The exhibition will be accompanied by special discussion panels that are part of the 4DD agenda.

WELL ART x 4 Design Days is an opportunity to see the best offerings of well-known Polish art galleries in a single place and time, to learn about the art market and even make an investment. All art displayed at the exhibition will be for sale and experts from renowned art galleries will be there for you to discuss business aspects and aesthetic preferences.

These are some of the issues we will touch on with artists, experts and practitioners:

  • How to invest in young art?
  • Art and/versus business
  • The 2024 art market
  • Art is a woman but the art market is not
  • Art in interiors
  • Art in public space
  • Can artificial intelligence replace Leonardo da Vinci?

FRIDAY, 26.01.2024

26 January 2024 | 10.45-11.30 | Investing in young art

Thematic scope:
Where to start, and what to prepare for? Is expert advice needed? Opportunities and possibilities versus pitfalls and risks. The ‘death effect’, or why the art market likes to wait for the end. The Three Graces Hypothesis: How to play out young art?

26 January 2024 | 12.00–12.45 | Art and (versus) business

Thematic scope:
Dangers, controversies, and polemics about how business can influence the development of art. Some examples here include the collaboration between the Omenaa Foundation and the Wilanów Palace (where both parties benefit enormously from the collaboration), and Piotr Krupa’s foundation. On the other hand, numerous institutions are not open to private funding, claiming that art should be independent of business representatives, and that private money distorts and spoils the market.

26 January 2024 | 13.30-14.30 | Collectible design. Where design meets art

Thematic scope:
Design entered the art market relatively recently, but the fashion for collecting ‘objects’ has quickly spread around the world. How to create collectible designs, and how deep is this market in Poland and worldwide? Which names light up the minds of connoisseurs and shopping centre owners? What to invest in, and how much does collectible design cost?

26 January 2024 | 15.00-15.45 | Is it possible to live with contemporary art?

Thematic scope:
A conversation about collecting contemporary art and exhibiting it in private and professional spaces.

SATURDAY, 27.01.2024

27 January 2024 | 11.30-12.15 | Art is a lady, but the art market is not

Thematic scope:
The role of women investors operating in the Polish art market. Why are there so few women collectors in the art market, and is this changing as women establish their own businesses and start making big money?

27 January 2024 | 12.30-13.15 | Art in public space

Thematic scope:
Murals, installation art, garden sculptures, etc. – a conversation about how cities are opening up to this type of display. What are they anxious about? How do they protect artworks? Etc.

27 January 2024 | 13.30-14.15 | Can artificial intelligence replace Leonardo da Vinci?

Thematic scope:
In what ways are art institutions, galleries, and collectors preparing for the AI revolution? Do artists feel threatened by AI, or do they want to create their works using it as a tool? Will we be purchasing (if we are not already!) AI-created artworks in the future.

27 January 2024 | 14.45-15.30 | Oh, that boring art… or why only Matejko was a great painter

Thematic scope:
On the problems related to the following: education and the nurturing of children’s artistic sensibility from an early age; the lack of a proper curriculum and extra-curricular activities; mainstream kitsch and stereotypes; and the lack of contemporary art teaching.

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