27-28.01 2024 Open days
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Previous speakers and panellists

Robert Konieczny
Architect, KWK Promes
Ewa Bochen
Designer, Kosmos Project
Artur Indyka
Designer, Host of the program Meblokreacje on the air of Domo, Co-host of the Small Big Changes program on Canal+Domo
Katarzyna Jaroszyńska
Dzień Dobry TVN Journalist, Host of „Nieoczywiste miejsca” on TVN Style
Aleksander Kądziela
Founder, AK Design
Ewa Kozioł
Journalist, Dobrzemieszkaj.pl
Karolina Kudłacik
Landscape Architect, Host of „Rośliny Karoliny” on Domo+
Justyna Łotowska
Journalist, Dobrzemieszkaj.pl
Tomasz Malkowski
Publicist, architecture critic
Jimi Ogden
Designer, Artist, Carpenter
Tomasz Pągowski
Designer, Constructor, running interior design programs: Renovation in 48h, Local Project, Battle of the House
Mateusz Peringer
Designer and ceramist,, Zakwas Studio project
Magda Pilaczyńska
llustrator, graphic designer, porcelain designer, Look At Me Plates
Katarzyna Rzehak
universal design specialist, Fundacja Integracja
Ariel Śliwiński
Designer, Tfory
AIzabela Serej
Architect, Bujnie
Szymon Serej
Architect, Bujnie
Katarzyna Będzińska-Kowalczyk
Architect, Creator of the Embassy Interiors brand

2023 edition

Several dozen sessions, debates and presentations, over 320 speakers from Poland and abroad taking the 7 stages of 4 Design Days. Around 150 exhibitors. Discussions about trends in design and architecture in the context of the changing world attracted nearly 14,500 participants, including 6,000 thousand professionals – among them architects, designers, representatives of businesses and local authorities. 8,500 design and architecture enthusiasts visited Open Days. They had an opportunity to listen to the debates, presentations, and advice provided by experts, as well as meet TV personalities. The agenda also included workshops and thematic exhibitions. The 7th edition of 4 Design Days was held under the slogan TOGETHER 4 HUMANITY. It yielded important conclusions concerning the role of design and architecture in the changing world.