Tomasz Augustyniak

Tomasz Augustyniak

Designer, Interior Architect

Tomasz Augustyniak Studio

Tomasz Augustyniak, an industrial designer and the founder of Tomasz Augustyniak Studio, graduated from the Faculty of Interior Design and Industrial Design at the University of the Arts Poznan. He has been designing for home, office and public space for over 20 years, working with businesses, organizations and individual customers. He has received numerous design awards. Some of his work belongs to the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw and is part of the permanent exhibition at the Gallery of Polish Design. With years of experience in product designing and manufacturing processes, he has mastered effective ways of collaborating with clients both in single-design projects and full collections, as well as creating new brands.

Participates in the sessions:

Everlasting design. Timeless architecture. To live to the age of the Empire State Building and still be as hot as a Barcelona chair