Piotr Łucyan

Piotr Łucyan

Interior Architect, Art’Up Interiors

The owner and main designer of ArtUp Interiors studio in Warsaw and London. He graduated from the University of Warsaw and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Faculty of Interior Architecture). Thanks to this, he effortlessly combines the worlds of advanced functionality and modern aesthetics with in-depth knowledge of art history. He personally designs, and with the support of his team, also efficiently executes the interiors of prestigious apartments and luxury residences in Poland and abroad. He bases his exclusive designs on a careful analysis of the personal needs and expectations of future users. With his individual approach and careful selection of unique solutions (including designer furniture, elegant accessories, sophisticated decorations, and artworks), he has earned the recognition of many of the most demanding investors. Privately, he is an enthusiast and collector of contemporary art, which he is also eager to introduce to his clients.


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