Ewelina Matyjasik-Lewandowska

Ewelina Matyjasik-Lewandowska

Interior Designer, Home Stager

Ewelina Matyjasik-Lewandowska – Chasing the sun

Award Winning Home Stager, Designer, Real Estate Broker, Investor, EAHSP Member and founder of the Chasing the Sun.

  •  She says about herself "I turn average apartments into above-average profits"
  • Has been working on the real estate market since 2017 – cooperating with both investors and private entities.
  •  “I have started my Home Staging career in 2019. At the beginning I was working as a Realtor, then step by step started working for other estate companies, investors, private customers. 
  • Home Staging in my life came from the need to beautify the surroundings, emphasize the beauty of the property, speed up the sales process and maximize its profits”
  • Ewelina styles and designs private interiors, and also prepares comprehensive marketing strategies for real estate sales, creating the brand: Chasing the sun.
  • Since 2022, together with Joanna Zbytek - Szuba, Ewelina create “Meetings Around Beautiful Interiors”.
  • Associated with the National Association "Mieszkanicznik" - promoting good practices in the real estate industry and the European Association of Professional Home Stagers EAHSP.
  • Her works have been published in interior design magazines such as Elle Decoration, Dobrze Mieszkaj and Property Design.
  • Author of industry articles, activist and promoter of knowledge about Home Staging. Recntly she gave an interview to Forbes about Home Staging.


 Winner of many industry competitions

  • “Mieszkanicznik” of the Year 2023 – in the Home Staging and Interior Design category
  • Best of Home Staging 2023 - Staging Excellence
  • Best of Home Staging 2023 - Client Care Excellence
  • Best of Home Staging 2023 – Industry Leadership
  • Home Staging Gala 2022: EAHSP Special Mention
  • Home Staging Gala 2021: Winner of Home Staging in the Residential House category
  • Best of Home Staging 2021 - Staging Excellence
  • Best of Home Staging 2021 - Client Care Excellence

Participates in the sessions:

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