AI-assisted imagery and future of photography

26 January 2024 • 15:00 -16:30 • Conference room 24

Thematic scope

Join DANALKA for a one-hour session, "Exploring Architectural Photography." Beyond just capturing buildings, this workshop delves into the art of storytelling through spaces. Discover the basics of real estate and architectural photography with practical insights from DANALKA. From realistic representation to fine-art creativity, understand that a compelling photo is more about the story it tells. Follow DANALKA's guidance through planning, shooting, and editing - an exploration of natural light, composition, and narrative. This session is for those seeking to grasp architectural photography principles, whether for entering real estate or refining photography skills. DANALKA shares his journey as a fine-art photographer, offering insights into tools and inspiration to fuel your creativity. Remember, a captivating image is all about the story it conveys, independent of your equipment - even if the only equipment you have is your phone.




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