Association of Polish Architects, Katowice branch

Architecture of the Year of the Silesian Voivodeship 2018

The Association of Polish Architects in Katowice has organized the competition for Upper Silesian architects and designers for the past 24 years. This year, the association will showcase 16 projects in several categories, selected from a total of 65 submissions. Public utility buildings, interiors, single-family housing and designs by young architects were nominated for the award by architects Przemo Łukasik, Robert Konieczny, Dariusz Herman, Arkadiusz Płomecki, Henryk Zubel and by editor Katarzyna Świeżak.

Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

The exhibition presents a number of projects carried out by an Israeli design studio established in 1986 by Michal Eshkolot and Etan Kimmel.


The studio specializes in public utility buildings and one of its signature projects is the Memorial Hall of Israel's Fallen at Mount Herzl. The studio's methodology relies on teamwork, agreement with investors and ongoing consultations with a wide range of experts. Projects presented at the exhibition illustrate their idea of creating sustainable architecture that is well-considered and responds to the call for climate protection, combining attention to context and function with top-quality aesthetics.