Tomasz Pniewski

Tomasz Pniewski

Architect, Analyst, Kuryłowicz & Associates

Architect and Analyst at Kuryłowicz & Associates. Tommy completed his studies in Oxford Brooks University, the University of Colorado and Westminster University. The architect and educator Peter Eisenman described Tommy’s master's thesis project with the words "a lot of talent". While living in London, he worked for Sheppard Robbson, Hawkins/Brown and Pollard Thomas Edwards. For the past five years at Kuryłowicz & Associates, Tommy has worked on many prestigious projects, such as the competition for the new HQ of the European Commission in Brussels. Since 2020, he runs KompaniA  - the think-tank of Kuryłowicz & Associates.

Participates in the sessions:

The call of the wild. Regeneration and Nature vs. new, digital reality

What kind of world do Generation Z and Generation Alpha want? How will architects and designers respond to this?

Because everyone is different. Inclusive architecture and design