Open days

Homes with good vibes

28 January 2024 • 14:30 -15:30 • Scene 7 | Multifunctional Room

Thematic scope

  • Homes, recharged. That’s how it’s done! Lower electricity and heating bills, new appliances, and nicer homes – see the spectacular effects of thermal upgrading in Polish homes
  • Energy-efficient versus passive homes: What is the difference?
  • Wooden, prefabricated, or traditional: Which type of house will be energy efficient? What to choose and how much does it cost?
  • Energy-efficient homes – a good architectural and construction design is the key to success. How to choose the right one?
  • A recipe for a healthy building
  • What is the best heating solution for an energy-efficient home?
  • Insulation in an energy-efficient home
  • What does the market offer? An overview of solutions – heat pumps, photovoltaics, solar power plants, energy storage, windows, roofing materials, and thermal insulation
  • Can an energy-efficient home look pretty?
  • Stop smog. Anti-smog solutions for buildings and flats
  • Smart buildings = sustainable buildings
  • The goal: thermo-perfection. How to carry out comprehensive thermal upgrading of a building well? The technology and material race: How to choose wisely? How to heat a building once its thermal upgrading is complete? Financial support for thermal upgrading.

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